Andy Wood Workshop: Electric Technique

This was a live event on March 28, 2018 3:00 PM EDT

This event is recently completed — we are still working on editing the video, and will get it uploaded to the platform as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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Hi Andy! I’m curious how you structure your practice time if you really don’t have much time to practice. Thanks!



HI Andy. Did you hit any dead ends or plateaus that you stuck at for a while (months/years), before finding the missing piece of the jigsaw? I got stuck for (many!) years with inaccurate picking technique until seeing Troy's insight (I'm about the same as as him), wondering if you had any issues or if it's been plain sailing most of the way?



Hey Andy! What string gauge and tuning do you prefer? Do you ever economy/directional pick? Or do you more use Alternate and Crosspicking? Has anyone ever told you that you's a handsome young lad?



hey andy i love the bluegrass style but i cant seem to get into it. could you recommend an album/artist that would be cool for a rock/metal fan like me (my favourite guitarist is paul gilbert) greetings from germany ^^



Do you also feel some thumb and index finger motion?



Hey Andy its Matt Dorado (Civgeek). We talked at the Gardenwalk NAMM week about me just starting Bluegrass. You said there was a live vid you were going to recommend I check out. Putting you on the spot! Do you happen to remember that vid?



Will you help get a magnet on Travis Toy and yourself, LIVE next time? Please give the pedal steel guitar some love.



How do you pick with that wrist angle and still flat pick? Wouldn't that angle cause extreme edge picking? How do you hold your pick, pick placement in fingers, to be able to flat pick with the bent wrist?


Come and sit down with the amazing Andy Wood in the Cracking the Code studio as we take an up-close look at his impossibly great electric guitar picking technique.

Andy is a total textbook for wrist “deviation” playing, especially when it comes to upward pickslanting, and what we in Cracking the Code call “primary up” two-way pickslanting. Andy is aware of these movements as a difference in feel that he engages as the phrase requires.

In this broadcast, we’re going to try and get to the bottom of these feels in mechanical terms, and understand the arm position and anchoring setup, muting contact points, and choice of string tracking movements Andy uses to make it all work.

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