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Happy New Year from Cracking the Code!

By January 9, 2015 September 13th, 2018 codenews, News

Thanks for an awesome 2014! We’ve hit quite a few milestones in the past year that we’re proud of:

  • Gained 15,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel…
  • …and 1.2 million views and counting!
  • Grown our mailing list by over 250%
  • Released a bunch of great material, from launching Cracking the Code Season 2 to introducing the Masters in Mechanics seminars

To show our appreciation for the views, likes, purchases, downloads, and support for all we do, we’ve got a couple cool Happy New Year freebies for you!

D’Addario “Learn Fearlessly!” Video and Tablature

Since sharing our contribution to D’Addario’s “Play Fearlessly” project last month, we’ve had many requests for tabs.

So, we’ve made this a free download for all our mailing list subscribers!

If you’re on the list, we’ve already sent you the download link; if not, sign up now and we’ll send it your way! You can also watch the new version of this video, with slow-motion and chord overlays, here on YouTube.

A Gift From Derryl Gabel

We’re happy to share an incredible, mind-bending transcription of killer playing from Derryl Gabel: the amazing legato wizardry of his song “Tell Me”. One of the big challenges in sourcing transcription is whether or not it’s even accurate.

In Derry’s case, you have an absolutely A-list player who is also an A-list teacher, so you know that the documentation is actually correct. If Troy could clone himself, we’d have that version of him spend the next month on the killer legato tapping sequences in this solo. Barring any unforeseen advances in genetics, we’re content to have him work on episodes and lectures instead!

Derryl has generously made a download of the transcription + MP3s for “Tell Me” available to Cracking the Code viewers. It’s free for a limited time only, so snag it now — and if you dig this, go ahead and check out more of Derryl’s exceptional instructional work while you’re at it.

Episode 3 Eric Johnson “EJ Pack”

Just as we did for Episode 2, “Inside the Volcano”, we’re releasing the special download pack for Episode 3 in advance of the episode itself.

This exhaustive collection of 34 musical examples and 25 pages of performance notes is our most extensive download pack to date.

Check out our trailer of 13 timeless EJ trademarks, culled from the complete pack.

BLAH BLAH: A thing.

THE OFFICE IS OPEN: Stop by for extra help with pickslanting movements and more.

Set Your Pickslanting Straight

We’ve received so many questions about technical topics in the Antigravity seminar that we’ve decided to open up a limited number of slots for targeted, one-hour help sessions via Skype.

Since these are one-on-one, scheduling is on an ad-hoc basis. After signing up, let us know what your schedule looks like, and we’ll find a time that works.

UPDATE: We non longer do individual office hours, but keep an eye out for our live broadcasts and Q&A sessions for subscribers!

A Note on Episode Production

The Kickstarter and the holidays definitely made a dent in our production schedule, and we know it takes us longer to get the episodes out than you would like. Had the Kickstarter met its goal, it would have given us an additional stream of revenue to commit to producing the show. We mention this only as a way of saying that our priority is to you, the viewers — and doing whatever we need to do to make the things you want to watch!

We’re always trying to exceed expectations in the quality of the work we deliver, and with a small team this means sometimes spending more time than we’d ideally like. We’re hard at work on Episode 3, and it should be out shortly.

Thanks for watching Cracking the Code!

— The Cracking the Code Team


  • Joaquin says:

    Damn, i’m so sad to know that the kickstarter didn’t reach it’s goal….specially because of the quality of the work you do! Please. i know you need the money, but don’t let that keep you too far away from this beautiful project you are doing… You are an inspiration and motivation for many people!

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      Thanks Joaquin, appreciate the support!

    • Troy Grady says:

      Thanks! I’m sure we’ll revisit at some point. In the mean time, we’ve made some instructions available for those daring adventurers who would like to try assembling one themselves. It will be cool to see if anyone gets it working!

  • Kyle says:

    Loving the EJ pack. Really cool to see firsthand the connections between Eric’s and Yngwie’s playing. A fun one I’ve noticed is that Eric’s pentatonic descending fives and Yngwie’s descending diminished fives (from the Volcano pack) use the same exact picking pattern. The DWPS versatility hype is real!

    • Troy Grady says:

      Good catch! That diminished lick isn’t strictly an Yngwie lick — it’s based on his two-string diminished mechanic, but extrapolated across the strings in an Eric-esque fashion. It was intended as more of an example of what can be done with Yngwie’s system. The two-string “diminished droplets” lick is the strictly Yngwie version. And it’s true, that kind of two-string sweeping + alternate “chunk” is the fundamental unit of Eric’s cascading playing. For probably the greatest overlap between Yngwie’s technique and Eric’s you’d have to look at his blues playing. We haven’t looked at it in the show, but it’s really phenomenal, and almost identical in approach to Eric’s.

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