Inside the Volcano

With the release of his 1983 debut album Rising Force, Yngwie Malmsteen set a new benchmark for virtuoso rock guitar. His mixture of baroque and modal sounds felt mystical and ancient, but the impossibly accurate right hand that powered them was unquestionably space-age. In Inside the Volcano, we’re going to show you exactly how it works.

Inside the Volcano is the ultimate investigation of the Yngwie Malmsteen picking technique. In this four-hour seminar, we pore over a trove of fascinating historical footage of the master to demystify his trademark phrases.

It’s the ultimate guide to the power of downward pickslanting — the engine behind Yngwie’s mechanical genius, and also the genius of legendary players like George Benson, Django Reinhardt, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and so many more.

Volcano Lesson Materials:

One of the many tabs included with the Volcano seminar!

One of the many tabs included with the Volcano seminar!

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – The Six-Note Pattern
Chapter 3 – String Switching
Chapter 4 – Anchoring
Chapter 5 – String Tracking
Chapter 6 – The Black Star Lick
Chapter 7 – Four Notes Per String
Chapter 8 – The Sword
Chapter 9 – Meet the Volcano
Chapter 10 – Minor Arpeggios
Chapter 11 – Arpeggio Mechanics
Chapter 12 – Arpeggio Sweeping
Chapter 13 – Diminished Arpeggios
Chapter 14 – Arpeggio Explorations
Chapter 15 – The Volcano Pattern
Chapter 16 – Scalar Sweeping
Chapter 17 – Overture 1383
Chapter 18 – Ascending Sevens
Chapter 19 – Volcano Sevens
Chapter 20 – Hybrid Scales
Chapter 21 – The Rules
Chapter 22 – Descending Fours
Chapter 23 – Circular Fours
Chapter 24 – Connect Four
Chapter 25 – The Rotational Mechanic
Chapter 26 – The Elbow Mechanic
Chapter 27 – Finger Mechanics
Chapter 28 – Conclusion

Chapter 18 investigates one of the unusual asymmetrical groupings of Yngwie’s scale playing: sevens

Chapter 25 looks at Yngwie’s legendarily fast, accurate, and flexible alternate picking mechanic: the rotational mechanic.

The Trilogy Lick is a classic Yngwie DWPS creation that’s easy to do and sounds fantastic.

There are three great ways to watch Inside the Volcano:

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