In December 1988 Eric Johnson stepped onto a stage in Austin, Texas, and recorded one of the greatest live guitar performances of all time. “Live from Austin, TX” was an instant classic: a one-hour teleportation to a realm of clouds and light, where rays of pentatonic sound were so fast and so accurate that they seemed powered by divine intervention.

Cascade is an incredible six-hour exploration of the ethereal guitar genius of Eric Johnson. In the seminar, we unlock the magic of Eric’s downward pickslanting system, the source of his legendary precision for blazing pentatonic lines. Through an exhaustive examination of historical footage, we deconstruct all the classic elements of the EJ sound: cascading multi-position phrases, arpeggios, right-hand harmonics, mixolydian lines, the “bounce technique”, and more.

Cascade Lesson Materials:

One of the many tabs included with the Cascade seminar!

One of the many tabs included with the Cascade seminar!

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Pickslanting
Chapter 3 – The EJ Atom
Chapter 4 – Atomic String Tracking
Chapter 5 – Cascading Triplets
Chapter 6 – The Mystery of Fives
Chapter 7 – The Fives Mechanic
Chapter 8 – Classic Fives
Chapter 9 – Pentatonic Pickups
Chapter 10 – Pickup Variations
Chapter 11 – The Legato Turnaround
Chapter 12 – Rolling Threes
Chapter 13 – Melodic Mode
Chapter 14 – Stringhopping Mechanics
Chapter 15 – Cliffhopping
Chapter 16 – Pentatonic Muting
Chapter 17 – Mixolydian Mode
Chapter 18 – Hidden Hops
Chapter 19 – Total Electric Guitar
Chapter 20 – The Fine Art of Guitar
Chapter 21 – What is the Bounce-
Chapter 22 – Skip Fives
Chapter 23 – Pentatonic Position I
Chapter 24 – Pentatonic Position V
Chapter 25 – Pentatonic Position IV
Chapter 26 – Pentatonic Position III
Chapter 27 – Pentatonic Position II
Chapter 28 – Cliff Cascade
Chapter 29 – Western Flyer Cascade
Chapter 30 – Flyer Five Cascade
Chapter 31 – Tears Cascade
Chapter 32 – Harmonic Arpeggio
Chapter 33 – Harmonic Mechanics
Chapter 34 – Arpeggio Variations
Chapter 35 – Cliffs Conclusion

Chapter 12 of Cascade examines an ingenious EJ pattern that lets us ripple upward through the pentatonic scale.

In Chapter 20 of Cascade, we deconstruct a classic scene from Eric’s second Hot Licks instructional video, The Fine Art of Guitar.

A classic and unusual EJ lick from Cliffs of Dover, and an unexpected way to play it!

There are three great ways to watch Cascade:

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