Masters in Mechanics Antigravity is a groundbreaking four-hour investigation that completely demystifies the difficulty of using pure alternate picking to play scales.

Scale playing is a basic exercise on other instruments. But on the guitar, it’s a feat that has historically been mastered only by the elite few. It turns out, there’s good reason for it.

In the Antigravity seminar, we discover a new world of upward pickslanting, two-way pickslanting, and swiping. These are the picking hand movements used by plectrum masters like John McLaughlin and Al DiMeola to empower their legendary three-note-per-string precision.

Across four hours of in-depth investigation, we review dozens of historical clips in slow motion, and take an exhaustive look at the hyperspeed picking techniques of Michael Angelo Batio, Paul Gilbert, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, and Vinnie Moore.

Antigravity Lesson Materials:

One of the many tabs included with the Antigravity seminar!

One of the many tabs included with the Antigravity seminar!

Chapter List:

Chapter 1 – Intro
Chapter 2 – How Swede It Is
Chapter 3 – Enter the Ninja
Chapter 4 – The Keys to the Lamborghini
Chapter 5 – Forum Flash
Chapter 6 – Frame, Advanced!
Chapter 7 – The First Scale
Chapter 8 – Down, Up, Rotate
Chapter 9 – The Scale Chunk
Chapter 10 – One-Way Pickslanting
Chapter 11 – Two-Way Pickslanting
Chapter 12 – Primary Pickslant
Chapter 13 – Kickback
Chapter 14 – The Mystery Change
Chapter 15 – The Swipe
Chapter 16 – Swipe Engineering
Chapter 17 – Reverse Batio
Chapter 18 – Shopping Spree
Chapter 19 – Vinnie Moore
Chapter 20 – Al Di Meola
Chapter 21 – John McLaughlin
Chapter 22 – Paul Gilbert
Chapter 23 – Notes Heard Round the World
Chapter 24 – Inside Outside
Chapter 25 – Conclusion

Chapter 4 investigates the mystery of Michael Angelo Batio’s approach to the fours lick.

Chapter 19 takes a look at the amazing Vinnie Moore and his legendary taste and precision.

Chapter 24 explores Paul Gilbert’s technique and the concepts of inside and outside picking.

There are three great ways to watch Antigravity:

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