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Pickslanting Primer Giveaway

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We’re giving away 10 free copies of the Cracking the Code Pickslanting Primer!

To enter, just drop off your email below. We’ll be picking 10 viewers at random, and will send a notification to the winners next week. Whether you win or lose (and in our eyes, everyone’s a winner) we’d like to thank you for watching Cracking the Code.

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Masters in Mechanics: The Michael Angelo Batio Interview

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A pioneer of virtuoso guitar, Michael Angelo Batio’s impossible chops are a gift to players everywhere.

From his groundbreaking Star Licks instructional video, to his blazing follow-up Speed Kills, Mike’s remarkable right hand steals the show. Quite simply, Mike is the owner of one of the most mechanically efficient alternate picking techniques on the planet.

With the Masters in Mechanics Michael Angelo Batio interview, we’ll show you exactly how this technique works.

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Masters in Mechanics: The Martin Miller Interview

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We sat down with fusion ace Martin Miller to investigate the inhuman precision of his hyper-speed crosspicking technique. What we ended up with was even better.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we got to the bottom of Martin’s stunning right-hand approach that reads like a greatest hits of modern picking technique, mixing one-way pickslanting, two-way pickslanting, and crosspicking in equal parts.

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Masters in Mechanics Interview Lineup

A preview of what's coming soon: Marty Friedman, Pat Martino, and more!

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While we don’t like to count our chickens before they hatch, we’ve been doing a lot of work lining up new Masters in Mechanics material, and thought it would be remiss not to share what’s cooking. Here’s a peek at our upcoming interview schedule: Read More