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Happy New Year from Cracking the Code!

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Thanks for an awesome 2014! We’ve hit quite a few milestones in the past year that we’re proud of:

  • Gained 15,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel…
  • …and 1.2 million views and counting!
  • Grown our mailing list by over 250%
  • Released a bunch of great material, from launching Cracking the Code Season 2 to introducing the Masters in Mechanics seminars

To show our appreciation for the views, likes, purchases, downloads, and support for all we do, we’ve got a couple cool Happy New Year freebies for you! Read More

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Introducing the Masters in Mechanics Video Series!

Our acclaimed seminars are now an amazing new video series.

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Introducing: the Masters in Mechanics Video Series

Masters in Mechanics Video Series!

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Or, buy the Antigravity standalone download:

Antigravity: By Demand, On-Demand!

Our acclaimed Masters in Mechanics seminars are now an amazing monthly video series! And we’re jumpstarting the series with our incredible 4-hour Antigravity lecture.

The extensive Antigravity investigation is organized into 25 chapters, and includes a course pack of 70+ slow-mo videos with tablature and insanely detailed performance notes.

Delivering Antigravity live was an amazing way to develop the seminar. But as Troy began staggering into the office baggy-eyed and delirious from marathon four-hour sessions, only to read piles of emails from viewers who couldn’t make the seminar, but still wanted to watch it. It was clear there were still plenty of viewers we’d never be able to fit onto our calendar.

So, with dozens of Antigravities under our belt, we began translating the many live versions of Antigravity to an accessible video version, and we’re thrilled with how it’s turned out.

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Trick or Teach! Halloween Giveaway

Win a Masters in Mechanics Seminar, Courtesy of Cracking the Code

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Contest registration is now closed! Thanks so much for the interest everyone. We’ll be announcing winners this week.

It’s that time of year! And in honor of this season of gluttony and hedonism, Cracking the Code is giving away — not one — but two Masters in Mechanics seminars.

Antigravity and Inside the Volcano deliver over 5 hours of our pioneering investigation of picking technique. Even more fun than egging your neighbor’s house! Read More


Season 2 Arrives!

The season premiere unlocks the secrets of Yngwie's technique

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Cracking the Code, Season 2

8 episodes and 2+ hours of groundbreaking technical insight. The Season Pass gets you:
Ad-free, HD downloads of all 8 episodes
Tablature from our episodes and features
Your choice of 1080p or 720p files
Special video downloads, like slow-motion footage of our new “Down Around the World” series
And to catch you up, we’ll even throw in a Season 1 Pass for free!

Get The Season 2 Pass Now!

We’re launching Season 2 of Cracking the Code, and with it, a truly groundbreaking exploration of picking technique.

Throughout history, great players — much like great athletes — have worked their magic by feel rather than by analysis. These gifted geniuses rely on mechanical optimizations to do things with picks and strings that they themselves may not even be aware of. In Season 2 of Cracking the Code, we’ll dive deep into what those optimizations are, and how they work.

Along the way, we’ll elaborate, for the first time, a complete system for advanced picking that unites a vast roster of all-time great players. Season 2 follows the thread that connects Yngwie and Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson and Albert Lee, Shawn Lane, Michael Angelo Batio, John McLaughlin, Steve Vai, Rusty Cooley, Al Di Mieola, Paul Gilbert, and so many more. It’s going to be an amazing ride. Read More

The current prototype of our camera mount.

Unplugged and Overcranked

Going Acoustic at 120 Frames Per Second

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The design of our smartphone camera mount has taken a quantum leap of sophistication in its most recent iteration. In fact, it has matured to such an extent that we’ve been using it in our own projects here at Cracking the Code. We recently produced a series of special features spotlighting Season 2 picking techniques in various musical styles. Read More

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Introducing the Code Archive

Unlocking an instructional and inspirational treasure trove

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The Cracking the Code project is the most comprehensive investigation of picking technique ever undertaken. And now, we’re making the raw materials of that investigation available for you to watch, study, and enjoy. Today we’re officially launching the Code Archive, the most unique collection of high-speed analytical guitar footage ever assembled, and a rare opportunity to study world-class technique up close and in action.
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