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What’s Your Maximum Picking Speed? Take the Poll!

By August 22, 2016 Polls

Just what is “average” picking speed? It’s such a simple question, you’d think the answer would be common knowledge. And while each of us probably has a subjective sense of when things sound “fast” to us, the fact remains that the concept of what the average player should be capable of isn’t well defined. So let’s try and find out! Let’s take a poll.

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  • Claudio says:

    Can I know which picking technique use the speedest players? The up-210 and the up-300 ones.
    The graphic seems to say the “other” technique…but what is it?
    Thanks, it’s a great idea! =)

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      The “other” option was write-in so it’s a variety of things, most often a combination of the other listed techniques e.g. elbow + wrist, or wrist + forearm. But keep in mind only ~50 out of 1500+ responses selected “other”, so take the fact that this has the highest listed average with a grain of salt! Of the specific picking mechanics, elbow seems to correspond to the highest speeds (which fits with what we’ve seen from super fast players like John Taylor).

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